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Hi and welcome to the Blogpage of the LADiY*FEST Freiburg!

We are working on translating some of our texts and information, but sadly we lack the capacities to translate everything. Most workshops are held in german, but we hope to have enough people at the fest which will be happy to do whispered translations so that as few people as possible are left behind.

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Who or what are we? A short self-definition :)

Loud and cheerful – Society tells us from a young age, that we should be cautious and well-behaved, to become real „ladies“. We want to redefine this category – as loud, cheerfull and and naugthy lad(i)ys*

Aktivism – Our Lad(i)y*fest is not a lonley insland, on which we practice feminism, but after this weekend we want to continue spreading our utopias on the streets of Freiburg and beyond

D.I.Y. – Do it yourself – much too often we notice a clear rift in our cultur-industry between the consumer and (idealiesd) artists. At the Lad(i)y*fest we all contribute by being dancers, creative minds, technicians to show an alternative to the patriarchical commercial landscape.

Intersectional – mechanisms of oppressions exist on many levels, wich are connected at many points. Sexism is one form of many. Our feminism tries to also take into account other forms of discrimmination, for instance due to a persons origin, „disability“ or desire. We are not really free, until all are free!

Y ou – You are also part of the Lad(i)y*fest Freiburg! We will try to smudge the borders between „organizers“ and participants. You are welcome to join all our processes and we want to find agreements in consensus.

F eminism / Wltiq* – The Lad(i)y*fest is a space for women, lesbians, trans*-, inter- and queer people. Our fest is not against cis-men, because they themselves are only a part of a system of supression. But for our empowerment it is important, that we create a space in which we can connect with each other without having to fight against predominant roles.

Experiments * Empowerment * emancipation – The Lad(i)y*fest should offer a framework in which we can try out and learn things, which are usually dominated by cis-men – also in alternative scenes.
Through conversations, actions, exchange, … we want to fuel up on energy and courage for our fight against this whole sexist, racist, trans- and homophobe shit, with which we are confronted day by day.

Self-organized * self-determined * Safe space* Solidarity – Because we are organizing everything by ourselves, we have the possibility to design and arrange this Lad(i)y*fest according to our wishes. We want to create a space, in which we can party without being afraid of sexual harassment, where we can wear what we want and move the way we want, without getting insulted or attaced for not lving up to heterosexual or binary gender-roles.
We are conneted by our fight against this sexist world, but we are also workers*, migrants*, students*, anti-fachists*, unemployed, animal rights activists* and many more. The Lad(i)y*fest should be a place in which we can connect movements and our different stories so that we can show solidarity beyond the feminist movement.

Theatre/ dance / music / performance / workshops / zines * tea – Our feminism isn’t only activist-work, it also encompasses having fun, yeah! We want to celebrate our emancipation creatively and diversly.

Some general information

Where is the LADiY*FEST Freiburg?
The LADiY*FEST Freiburg takes place in many spaces.
Our main meeting and information point is at Jugendbegegnungsstätte Haslach e.V. Carl-Kistner-Str. 59. Freiburg.

JuZe, Jugendbegegnungsstätte Haslach e.V.
Carl-Kistner-Str. 59, 79115 Freiburg
>> Map g.maps.
>> smokefree
>> sadly not fully wheelchair accessible – Café/Infotable upstairs accessible – toilets not wheelchair accessible + downstairs –
Workshoprooms & Open Space (are downstairs) so not wheelchair accessible
>> Informationtable, Registration for workshops, Awareness-Informationtable, Safespace, Meeting room with coffee and tea, Food

fz*, Feministisches Zentrum Freiburg,
Faulerstr 20, 79098 Freiburg
>> Map here.
>> www
>> accessible, no smoking, no alcohol

Basler 8
Basler Straße 8, 79100 Freiburg i. Br.
>> Karte g.maps
>> www

S.U.S.I.-Café // All Gender Space
Haus A, Vaubanallee 2, 79100 Freiburg
>> Map g.maps.
>> accessible, no smoking
>> Lunch on saturday

Slow Club Freiburg
Haslacherstraße 25, 79115 Freiburg
>> Map g.maps.
>> www
>> accessible, no smoking

Schattis, Wagenplatz Schattenparker
Am Eselwinkel 7, 79108 Freiburg
>>Map g.maps.
>> www
>> Food on sunday afternoon

G19, Bike Kitchen
Gartenstr.19, 79098 Freiburg
>> Map g.maps.
>> www

Stadtteiltreff Haslach, Nachbarschaftswerk e.V.
Melanchthonweg 9b, 79115 Freiburg
>> Map g.maps.
>> www
>> accessible, no smoking

Who can join?
Most of our spaces are open to women, trans*- and inter-persons and queer people only – but not for cis-men.
The evening programme is not open for cis-men.
The workshops and some talks are not open for cis-men.
Some events are open to all genders, they will take place in the SUSI-Café and marked specifically in the programme.
Some events are only open to people who suffer from specific discrimminations. This will be marked on the programme. We hope you respect our policy and refrain from visiting exclusive safe-spaces (if you are not welcome) out of solidarity.
We will publish texts on our room-concept soon.

Some workshops are only open for a limited amount of people, as is the concert-evening on the 14th. You can register for these limited spaces at the Information desk at the JuZe in Haslach. Choose 1 or 2 Workshops that you really want to go to, so that many people can visit the Workshops they want to go to. Bigger workshops can be visited without registrations.

If you want to tell us about any form of assistance you need beforehand (sleeping place, bike, transportation etc.) you can do that hier.

Even though the LADiY*FEST Freiburg is getting financial support -> see Support & Links , we really are in need of some extra bucks. Our expenses and earnings will be listed transparently during the festival. However, we don’t want anyone to feel like they aren’t welcome just because they can’t afford it. So please do come, even if you can donate only a little or nothing at all!
We propose a participant’s fee of 20-50 € for the whole workshop program.
Admission for the concert & dance night on October 14th at Slow Club will be 6-10 €.
There will be different suggested donations for food and drinks and everything else.

Where can I stay?
So that you won’t have to spend much more, there will be people offering a place to stay, as well as bikes that you can borrow. This is still in the planning stage, so it would be a great help if you could let us know here what you’re going to need.

FRIDAY 13.10
18:00 JuZe Haslach
09:00 kleiner Orga-Brunch JuZe Haslach
12:00-14:00 Mittagessen JuZe Haslach und S.U.S.I.-Café
18:00-20:00 Abendessen JuZe Haslach
Tagsüber zwischendurch auch Essens-Stand von den Kurdischen Frauen Freiburg im JuZe
SUNDAY 15.10
10:00-15:00 „BrunchOrDie“ JuZe Haslach
18:00 Pizzas auf Schattis

We lack the capacities to organize translations for all workshops, but there will be a system by which people offering to do whispered translations will have a coloured piece of cloth pinned to them, showing which language(s) they are capable of translating into :) Also don’t hesitate to ask the people running talks or workshops for help and you can ask at the Informationdesk for more info.


The evening programme is not open for cis-men.
We also want to let you know in advance that there are problems with the rooms that are available in Freiburg. Therefore, there will be limited spaces for the cultural programme, and you might not be able to get in. However, we will let you know on site on friday how you can reserve a spot for Saturday.

Location: Jugendbegegnungsstätte Haslach e.V., Carl-Kistner-Straße 59
Welcome to LADiY*FEST FREIBURG 20:00 / shows start around 20:30

Politics & Poetry by Sunna Huygen
Burlesque with Misty Lotus

Location: Slow Club
, Haslacherstraße 25
Ticket reservation at the Infodesk in JuZe Haslach
Admission: 6-10 €

grrrlmusic the whole evening with:                                                                                   Notorische Ruhestörung
Lily Havoc
and Djanes

Location: Wagenplatz Schattenparker, Am Eselwinkel 7
Theater performance „punch me“
and open stage for wonderful stuff from everybody
ending with Ruth

The workshops and some talks are not open for cis-men.
Some events are open to all genders. They will be marked specifically in the programme.
Some events are only open to people who suffer from specific discrimminations. This will also be marked on the programme.
We hope you respect our policy and refrain from visiting exclusive safe-spaces (if you are not welcome) out of solidarity.

You can register for the different workshops (some of which have limited space) on site.     Only for the DJane Workshop on Friday from 2-5 pm is it possible to register beforehand. Just write it on the registration.

+++ FRIDAY +++

DJ Beginners Workshop
Friday, 14 -17:00 // Slow Club
Maximum participants: 10
In this workshop we want to do Djing and Beat-matching together. There will be opportunities to either dj with the computer (Traktor DJ program), or to try with CD Players. You don’t have to have experience! Please bring a USB flash drive with your favorite tracks (Mp3, Wav, Aiff) along!


FLTI* bike repairg19 bike kitchen
Friday, 14:00 // G19 Bike Kitchen
We welcome you to a special FLTI* open drop-in workshop at the g19 bikekitchen. Everyone is welcome to bring their own bike, or work on one of the spare bikes for using during the Lad(i)y*fest weekend. There aremany tools and spare parts for everyone to use.. No previous knowledg eabout fixing bikes is necessary, this will be more of a skill sharingsession with knowledgable volunteers to answer your questions andassist you. We want to make a space for oppressed genders to learn new skills and practice existing skills without assumptions about ability based on gender. Both english and german speaking volunteers will be running this workshop. We are looking forward to seeing you at the bike kitchen!


„Womans revolution in Rojava. New impulses for the movement?
Friday, 16-18 Uhr  // fz*
What is happening in the fight for freedom by kurdish women* in North Syria, Rojava? Rojava is not just a place where the war agains Daesh is raging, but first and foremost a location where democratic autonomy is being constructed in which different women*structures play an important role. The lecture will show the work of the Jineolojî and the self-organisation by kurdish women*, also relating their fights to those of the kurdish community in Freiburg.


Captialism critique
Friday, 16-18 Uhr // Basler 8
Max. participants: 25-30
Those in favor of capitalism argue that it is the best economic form to meet the needs of people. They might prove this by showing how full of different offers and products shop windows are. This „proof“ shall be contradicted in the workshop.
We will look at the role that needs of (most) people take up in capitalism and why the shop windows are full, but many pockets stay empty.
To understand this we will look at the concept of private property and talk about class struggles.
From the group „Gegenmaßnahme“:

+++ SATURDAY +++

Gender and capitalism
Saturday, Stadtteiltreff Haslach, 10:00-13:00 Uhr und 14:00-16:00 (in two blocks)

Max. participants: 25
This society seems to only know two types of gender and nearly everything is sorted into this binary system: from childrens‘ toys to career choices and who can wear which hairstyle where or who does the first move when kissing. The assignment of either female or male gender is demanded by society and any deviation is „punished“ by different degrees. Why are humans (officially and in most minds) only allowed to be either „man“ or „woman“ and which demands come with these categories? How the consequences can be explained and how they relate to capitalism will be talked about in this workshop.

By the group risse im falschen Film (riff):


Storycafé fz*
Saturday 10:00 // fz*

Storycafé about the recent history of the fz* (feminist centre Freiburg).
We will tell about different situations and talk about aspects of the transition from a female-lesbian centre to an WLTI* (women*, lesbian, trans*, inter) – space. There will be enough tea and coffee to wake up! There is also an exhibition.


Viva la vulva – embroidery as a form of activism
Max. participants: 10
Saturday 10:00-12:00 // JuZe, Haslach
You feel like penises are overrepresented in public spaces? You want to put female genitatlia in the spotlight for once? You are creative and want to do some meditative manual labor? Then this workshop is exactly the right thing for you! You can embroider your own vulva. She will look great as a sticker on a jean jacket or hanging over your bed. Take a needle and let’s go!

Needed: embroidery frame, yarn, needles (If you have them at home, bring them along. If not, I will provide them for 5-7€)


Stickfighting with Fé André
Saturday 10:00-13:00 // JuZe, Haslach
Max. participants 10-12

We will practice the basics of different styles of phillipino stickfights (Escrima, Arnis, Kali).


(Queer-) Feminism and Motherhood

Saturday 10:00-12:00 // JuZe Haslach
Max. participant number: 15

Which political developments have facilitated the conditions for motherhood in the past? What opportunities and restrictions do mothers face nowadays? What might (queer-) feminist perspectives on motherhood look like? What influence do gendered socialization and social status have on my freedom of action? Where do I fail? What do I fear? And how is the 2015 #regretting motherhood debate linked to feminism? How can we support each other, connect with each other, and pursue feminist goals?
In this hands-on workshop, images of “the mother”, societal structures and power structures that affect motherhood will be briefly examined. The aim is to the render the influence of different attributions and normalization on motherhood comprehensible – especially in the context of societal status and individual biographies. Furthermore a platform will be provided, where one’s own images of motherhood can be scrutinized, where personal strategies of action can be reevaluated and where visions can be developed. It is about putting into practice (political) motherhood, respective parenthood, according to our own ideas and needs.
Everyone identifying as a mother and/or reference person, as well as everyone who takes interest in the topics of (queer-)feminism and motherhood is invited to join.


„respect for all the boys* that support our fights“ – workshop about critical masculinity*
Saturday 10:00-13:00// S.U.S.I.-Café // Samstag, 10–13 Uhr
>>> Open for all genders

In this workshop we want to talk about masculinity. What does it mean? How can I reflect my male* gender critically? How do I perform and use my gender? How and when does my man*liness restrict me? The workshop will be in german with english whispered translations.
By queer_topia*
After the workshop a group from Freiburg will introduce itsself, which does work on this topic.


Presentation on multidimensional vulnerability / Intersectionality for all
 / Part 1
Max. participants number: 40

Saturday 10:00-13:00 // JuZe Haslach
“… But why do we need Black feminism? Feminism is supposed to be for everyone!”
When people experience discrimination based on multiple factors (such as being Black, disabled, fat and queer) at the same time, there is some confusion within the communities. The self-assurance that each was given (“All of us are the oppressed”) is invalidated: how can I be the oppressor if I am myself being oppressed? And why is this supposed to be racist – isn’t it just rather sexist? Those questions have been elaborated by many Black feminists and feminists of color. SchwarzRund explains the different theories with videos and words, while putting a focus on their significance for every day life. The question of how these overlapping factors can be integrated in the political struggle is just as much part of the presentation as it is a legitimate question that must be answered in the years to come.

Presentation / discussion on multidimensional vulnerability / intersectionality / Part 2
Max. number of participants: 10 – 15

For humans who are subjected to systems of oppressions.
Saturday 14:00-16:00 // JuZe Haslach

For humans who are subjected to systems of oppressions.
Subsequently, a more in-depth introduction to the topic for the ones subjected to systems of oppression will be offered. What do we wish for? What do we need? How do concepts, such as intersectionality, interdependence, diversity, etc. enable or disable us on a day to day basis and in our political work?


Think_being_fat: critical perspectives on bodies and normalizations thereof

Max. number of participants: 20

Saturday 14:00-16:00 // fz*

The fette_widerstand, a political activist group from Frankfurt wants to invite people to think_being_fat, in their workshop. We are going to evaluate societal discourses on the body and “being fat”. The main aim is to expose and question every day body-related discrimination in form of language, images, etc. from a critical_queerfeminist_intersectional perspective. We consider the body to be a medium on which sexist, heterosexist, racist, neoliberal and capitalist dogmas and contradictions are being negotiated. Among other things we would like to encourage the questioning of societal “truths” about thick bodies. We would like to thematize those in the context of an interactive workshop, while also considering every day life experiences. We would like to collectively develop practical interventions and ideas for anti-discriminating actions, in order to ensure a respectful and sensitive handling of the topic of body-diversity.


„To me it is a feel-good-space“
Workshop to discuss the limits and utopias of FLTI*-spaces (wlti* – women*, lesbian, trans*, inter)

Saturday 14:00 – duration not clear yet //
JuZe, Haslach
Max. participants: 20+
In this workshop we want to talk about FLTI*-spaces and find answers to the following questions:
Why are these spaces important?
Can we reach our goal of creating rooms which break the circumstances we criticize?
How can we react to the criticism and rejection FLTI*-spaces receive?
For whom are these spaces? How can we make them more accessible to trans*- and inter-people. The workshop will take place in german with a whispered english translation.
By queer_topia* (


Self-defence workshop
Saturday 14:00-16:00 // JuZe Haslach


Feminist Comedy: Stand-up as a Platform for Women’s Empowerment
All genders welcome
14:00 // S.U.S.I. Café
This talk is held in english

Satire is the weapon of the oppressed, and women are arming themselves. This talk examines the nature and power of comedy to subvert systems of oppression by focusing on the rise of women stand-up comedians in the United States. Their comic expression is a uniquely powerful tool to expose absurdity, establish identity, challenge misogyny and shift public discourse. This examination will also cover research on the way that performing stand-up is in itself an empowering activity for women, one menstruation joke at a time.


Introduction to ubuntu
15:00-18:00 // fz*

Max. participants: 8
Ubuntu is probably the most widely spread Linux operating system. Linux is for free and works faster (especially on older laptops) than Windows. It is open source (which means the  programming code is publicly accessible) .
For Newbies – people, who already have ubuntu and might want to learn more about its possibilities and also people, who are unhappy with their Windows-Computer and could imagine using ubuntu (maybe start today?). Probably not for people, who are already happily hacking away, but you are welcome to come and share your knowledge.


Reading of the book „Selbstbestimmte Norm“ with Kirsten Achtelik
Saturday 16:00, duration ca. 2h //
>>> Open to all genders
Shoulf feminists defend all kinds of abortion? Are decisions made self-determined? Which kind of knowledge is created through prenatal examinations?
Kirsten Achtelik talks about these questions and the tensions between the emacipational and system-maintaining potentials of the feminist concept of self-determination when it comes to the topic of abortion.


Theoretical workshop to female ejaculation
Saturday 16:00-18:00 // JuZe Haslach
Max. participants: 40 (lecture) and 10-15 (talking and sharing)


+++ SUNDAY +++

Queer_feminist pornography. (Other) strategies of creating desire.
11:00 (ca. 3h) // JuZe, Haslach
Max. participants: 12-15
In this workshop we want to open a space for all people who identify as FLTI* (wlti*- women*, lesbian, trans*, inter) to discuss which images we have in mind when thinking about pornography, what impact pornography has had on us and how we imagine cool, exciting, non-derogatory porn. We will watch film-extracts with expicit sexszenes and different kinds of sexual practices. We don’t see ourselves as experts but want to openly discuss the topic together with you.


(female) gendering disability
Introduction with presentation and exchange of ideas

Sunday 11:00-13:00 // fz*

How does feminism relate to „cripple-politics“? What is it that cautiously excites about female bodies of the so-called „others“? And does being a woman*, lesbian and disabled mean three-fold discrimmination? Terms, concepts, perspectives and names – a lecture by Frauen_mB (independent network inclusion Freiburg) with assistance with the fz* Freiburg.


„to listen inside out“ – dance & movement workshop
Max. participants: 20
Sunday 11:00-13:00 // JuZe Haslach
In this workshop we are going to concentrate on „listening“:
*What moves me?*
*What do I move?*
*Which structure do I find myself in (inside and outside) ?*
*Where does movement begin and where does it end?*

On the base of dance and movement techniques from Contemporary Dance we are going to explore, partly with inner visualisations of the physical body, the force of images and working with partners, as well as the depth and neverending spectrum of movement possibilities.


Max. number of participants: 10 – 15
Sunday 11-14:00 // JuZe Haslach

Empowerment Zine workshop on the topic of the body! Crafting, doodling, thinking, piffling and empathizing on the topic of the body.
Speakers: SchwarzRund came to Bremen at the age of 3 as a Black German Dominican, and has been living in Berlin for almost 10 years now. Since 2013 she has been published on her own Blog and in various journals. She negotiates multidimensional realities of life inside and outside of communities in performance-texts, presentations and event series.
Positioning: Queer, pan, fat, Black German with status privileges, afro-latinx. Dominican, cis, non-visible disability, neuro-diverse, student, precarized, classism-esxperienced.


Sunday 11:00 – 17:00 // Schattis

Max. participants: 6-8
We will mig-weld in this workshop, that means with inert gas. There will be a short introduction. We will choose materials and depending on our mood weld a small object together. We will also use angle grinders.
So watch out: Both techniques leave burn-marks, fat and rust on clothes so take along good shoes and clothes that can get dirty.
If you want to take part, then during the whole workshop! It will take 6h and there will be a break with food.


stick and poke – DIY tatooing
Sunday 11:00-17:00 // JuZe Haslache

We recommend registrating in groups of two at the infopoint
In this workshow we want to teach you the basics of tatooing by hand without electric machines. After a short technical input to needles, legal stuff, infections and hygiene you can watch us tatoo live. Then there will be the possibility to start yourself with the material we will bring along. There will be partial nudity of the participants, we will tatoo in a safe and quiet space.


Saturday, 13-15.30 Uhr, JuZe Haslach
Max. Teilnehmerinnen*zahl: 20-30


Sunday, 11:00-17:00 // Schattis


Silk-screen printing – DIY
Sunday – Open from 11:00-19:00 // Schattis